Phonics CPD Training(School Wide)

Course Description

PEA is an in-service phonics teacher training provider. We offer courses and certification in English phonics to kindergarten and primary teachers in Hong Kong, Macau, and Mainland China. We provide a collaborative working environment that gives teachers/tutors a comprehensive support network.

Comprehensive training

Course Outline

Session 1
• What is Phonics?
• Why use Phonics with young and very young learners (VYLs)?
What are the sounds?
What key skills are taught in Jolly Phonics?
What are the key terms in Phonics and what do they mean?

Session 2
• What are the Jolly Phonics actions?
• How do we present sounds? What classroom management points do we have to consider?
What resources are there to help us present sounds?
How do we get VYLs to recognize, differentiate and produce sounds?
How do we get VYLs to form letters (pre-writing and writing)?
How do we choose and adapt materials?

Session 3
• What should a Phonics lesson include? How do we plan one?
• Why do we do revision and how do we do it?
What is blending?
What are the sub-skills of blending?
How do we get VYLs to blend?
How do we assess blending?

Session 4
• What is segmenting?
• What are the sub-skills of segmenting?
How do we get VYLs to segment?
How do we assess segmenting?
Comparing Blending and Segmenting What are Tricky Words?

Session 5
• How do we present Tricky Words?
• How do we get VYLs to say Tricky Words, and to differentiate them from fully decodable words?
What is beyond CVCs?
How do we present these: double consonants, adjacent consonants, trigraphs, new spelling patterns

Session 6
• How do we help VYLs to spell Tricky Words?
• What are decodable readers?
How do we choose the right readers?
How do we explore a reader with VYLs?
How can we use a reader to get VYLs to read and write?
What’s next?

Provides comprehensive training in Jolly Phonics.

Teaches instructors how to use phonics materials and Jolly Phonics readers to deliver effective phonics teaching.

Focuses on an innovative teaching methodology and utilises formative assessment methods as well as how to assess phonics capabilities accurately and continuously. 


Multiple teachers have already benefited from Jolly Phonics training courses and enhanced the English ability of their students. Their accomplishments are very much appreciated by parents. “Effective training can help you dramatically improve results in your school.”

Thank You!

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