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Vision and Services

Our Vision

The PEA aspires to enable parents in Asian countries to provide an enjoyable experience and boost self-confidence for children learning phonics. We also aim to instil a love of reading and encourage children to explore the world through all mediums of the English language – speaking, reading and writing. 

In-Home Phonics Course

Our PEA specialist tutors provide a unique, tailor-made curriculum and private in-home Jolly Phonics tutoring for our students. The PEA mobile Apps conveniently enable parents the ability to monitor a student’s progress, access information, keep informed with the latest news, and inform the PEA of any change of schedule at their fingertips.


Phonics Course for Teachers 

The PEA supports and provides kindergarten and nursery teachers, as well as private phonics tutors, with additional training and skills to enhance and develop their expertise in teaching phonics.

Our Comprehensive Supporting Platform for PEA Tutors

We are the first phonics company in Asia to provide our tutors with a job matching service and continuous staff development opportunities. We offer ongoing advice and assistance to our tutors relating to administrative tasks and career development whilst simultaneously focusing on teacher training and in-service support.  We are committed to both guiding and supporting our staff at every step of their career with the PEA.

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