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In-Home Phonics Course


In-Home Phonics Course for Children (Jolly Phonics)

Course Description

  • We offer private in-home tutoring for children between the ages of 3 and 7; during which period a child’s capacity to learn a language is optimal.

  • Children are taught spelling and reading on an individual basis or in small groups, without the distractions of other students in a large class. After around the third session, children are noticeably able to practically use their newly learned skills.

  • Our unique programme operates a total of between 4 and 8 months of instruction tailored for every level of proficiency. Upon completion of Level 1, children will be able to blend new words with confidence.

  • The unique PEA mobile app enables parents to monitor a student’s progress whilst also keeping up with the syllabus.

  • Why the PEA
    Private In-home Tutoring • Children are given personalised or small class teaching in order to maximize their education. • Lessons and activities are customised for every individual or small group in order to meet a student's unique academic needs. • Children are tutored in their own home or a previously selected venue without the need to travel. The PEA Phonics Tutors• Our tutors are highly experienced in teaching English phonics to young children. • All our tutors are formally trained and assessed in phonics. They are committed to excellence in teaching. The PEA Parent App: A First in Hong Kong • 24-hour fast and easy-to-use platform. • Access to all the information parents could possibly need; student records, parents notices , tutor reports and student progress reports. • Admittance to a library of video clips filled engaging and educational activities for students. • An easy-to-use function to change scheduled classes. The Jolly Phonics Programme • A comprehensive programme originating from the UK that teaches children to read and write using synthetic phonics; trusted by parents all over the world for the past 33 years. • Uses a fun and multi-sensory methodology to teach that produces outstanding results. • Teaches spelling, pronunciation, and simple dictation tasks. • Provides children with a stress-free and enjoyable learning environment. • Lays the foundation for the acquisition of writing and reading skills. FREE-ADMISSION Jolly Phonics Workshops for Parents• Provides parents with phonics information that helps them support their children’s learning. • Instils and enforces the notion that parental involvement is an important factor to a student's success in learning. • Encourages families to learn together in order to strengthen the bond between parents and their children. All parents are invited to attend our Introduction to Jolly Phonics Workshops. For PEA members the registration fee ($9,000) is waived.
  • Level 1 : Primary Stage (4―8 months)
    Letters and Sounds Reading and Spelling CVC WordsCourse Outline: • 42 letter sounds - single letter consonants, short vowels, consonant digraphs, long vowels and other vowels. • Letter formation; stroke order, posture and pencil grip. • Blending and segmenting C(onsonant) V(owel) C(onsonant) words. • Common Exception Words (Tricky Words). • Interactive and fun activities that support learning, e.g. stories, songs and crafts.
  • Level 2 : Extension Stage (4―8 months)
    • Reading and spelling words that are beyond CVCs• Reading, spelling and understanding Tricky Words• Reading and writing words and sentences Course Outline: • Beyond CVC words - how to use both initial and ending consonant blends. • Reading success - how to use blending to pronounce new words. • Spelling confidence - how to use segmenting to listen for individual sounds in words and then to write them using letters. • Writing well - guidance on how to write independently. • Sentences - understanding the structures and features of simple phrases and sentences.
  • Learning Outcomes
    Understand and master phonics letters and sounds and how to use them in words. Read and spell both new words and familiar words with confidence. Pronounce, spell and use numerous high frequency words in English. Students will use short phrases and simple sentences to express themselves in both written and oral formats.

Jolly Phonics

In Home Phonics Course  

Prospective Students

School children between the ages of 3 and 7.

Certification and Evaluation

  • Upon the successful completion of each course level, children are awarded a certificate that verifies their unique ability in reading and spelling.

  • A PEA qualification aids pre-school children to secure a place at some of the most sought-after schools in Hong Kong.

Venue for Tutoring

  • The locational decision is at the parent’s discretion.

  • Tutoring can be tailored to various locations. We recommend the home or clubhouse.

Course Duration (for each level):

  • 36 sessions (75 minutes per session).

  • 45 hours for each level.

  • We suggest 1 to 2 sessions per week to be optimal.

  • *Lesson are carried out over a period of 4 - 8 months.

Private Tutoring Fee

* Students will receive two detailed reports within an eight-month period

* Parents may have to contribute to the cost of a tutor’s transportation should the lesson venue be located in an area that may be deemed inaccessible by the MTR or public transport.

Promotional Gifts :

  • FREE trial session and FREE pre-enrolment assessment.

  • All-inclusive Jolly Phonics learning materials provided (retail price: $480).

  • Up to two parents or guardians are invited to attend the PEA Phonics workshop.


How can you Connect with a PEA Tutor?

  • Fill out a simple application form online and you will hear from us within one working day.

  • Our tutor matching service increases your access to quality tutors.

  • *Parents can get exclusive FREE tickets to our pre-enrolment seminar held at our office in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Enquiry Form

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HSBC : [023-752-546-001]

Bank of China : [012-6922-0051773]

FPS : 101121432

 (* The deposit is non-refundable and guarantees your place on the course) 

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