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" Become an
Internationally Recognised,
 Phonics Teacher in
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Online Learning Programme


Certificate in Teaching Phonics to Young Learners   (TQUK Level 4)               

Phonics Education Association

Phonics Education Association (PEA) is a training provider that offers quality Phonics teaching to young learners, professional Phonics teacher training and accreditation courses to adults. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive development platform to support private tutors, teachers of early years and primary schools, parents as well as young learners in Asia.


Headquartered in Hong Kong, PEA has partnered with education institutions in Macau, Xiamen and Tianjin. Our core trainers have brought with them extensive teaching and training experience - from the British Council in Hong Kong and Vietnam, primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Education Bureau, to the University of Macau, and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


Online TPhYL Course 

PEA, seeing a growing demand for qualified Phonics teachers in Asia, has created the first Online TPhYL Course. The course is the only programme that meets the special needs of candidates taking the TPhYL Exam. It has been designed to prepare candidates to excel in the TPhYL Exam by equipping them with all the knowledge, skills and strategies they need.


During the 6-week online course, candidates can interact with expert trainers live to learn how to create multisensory activities and games, plan and write effective Phonics lesson plans, deliver Phonics lessons using e learning tools, and design effective classroom assessments for young learners.


On completing the course, candidates will be ready to take the TPhYL Exam, and gain their internationally recognised TQUK certificate.


Click here for more information on the TPhYL Exam.


Course Structure 

The Online TPhYL Course (OTC) uses a blended approach with a combination of the following:

8 Online Group Live Sessions + 3 Private Live Sessions + Offline Self Study Sessions* + Homework of each Session

* Important Remark: 

Course participants are expected to complete tasks set in the Offline Session before coming to each Online Session. Tasks set in the Offline Session can involve reading articles, listening to podcasts, following PPTs (with audios), watching videos, etc.


Course Outline

TPhYL Introduction
Session 1 
  • Have knowledge of principles of Synthetic Phonics

  • Understand roadmap of Synthetic Phonics

  • Develop awareness of Letter Sound Correspondences (LSCs)

  • Have knowledge of the role of letters in Phonics and the teaching of LSCs

  • Understand letter types by citing examples

  • Categorise letters according to their characteristics

  • Understand the role of starting and ending points, and correct stroke orders

  • Understand the teaching processes of letter formation to Young Learners

  • Evaluate and adapt activities to facilitate the teaching of letter formation to Young Learners using manipulatives

Session 2
  • Have knowledge of the role of sounds in Phonics and the teaching of LSCs

  • Understand how to use the IPA chart and oral articulators to accurately produce English sounds

  • Categorise sounds according to their characteristics

  • Explain key Phonics terms by citing examples

   Simple and Complex Alphabetic Codes
  • Have knowledge of the scope of the two Alphabetic Codes

  • Understand the teaching sequence of the Simple Alphabetic Code

Session 3
   Teaching Young Learners LSCs
  • Develop understanding of young learners and how they learn

  • Understand the role of multisensory activities in the teaching of Phonics

   Planning an LSC Lesson
  • Understand 3-stage LSC lesson plans (1st_Revision, 2nd_Presentation, 3rd_Practice) and aims of each stage

  • Understand success criteria of an effective 3-stage LSC lesson

  • Understand steps of how to plan and write an LSC lesson plan

  • Understand how to evaluate LSC lesson plans

  • Plan and write a 3-stage LSC lesson plan for Young Learners

Session 4
   Demonstrating a Stage of an LSC Lesson
  • Understand the role of teaching demonstrations

  • Understand success criteria of an effective teaching demonstration

  • Understand how to demonstrate a stage of your LSC lesson

  • Understand how to evaluate teaching demonstrations

   Blending and Segmenting
  • Understand concepts, sub-skills and terminology of blending and segmenting

  • Understand the teaching processes of blending and segmenting

  • Adapt and create activities to facilitate the teaching of blending and segmenting using manipulatives

  • Understand how to incorporate blending or segmenting practice into LSC lessons

Session 6
   Common Exception Words (CEWs)
  • Have knowledge of Common Exception Words (CEWs)

  • Understand how to identify irregular parts in CEWs

  • Understand the concept of teaching CEWs in context

   Decodable Phonics Readers
  • Understand decodable Phonics readers and their role in teaching reading

  • Understand how to teach reading using decodable Phonics readers

  • Adapt and create activities for a reading session using a decodable Phonics reader

Session 7
   Assessing Young Learners
  • Understand formative and summative assessments, and assessments for learning

  • Understand strategies for using classroom activities as assessments

  • Identify and set checkpoints for assessing Phonics knowledge and skills in a commercial Phonics programme

   Differentiated Teaching in a Phonics Classroom
  • Understand the role of differentiated teaching

  • Understand strategies to facilitate differentiated teaching in a Phonics Classroom by citing examples related to content, process, or product modifications

  • Adapt and create activity ideas to facilitate differentiated teaching in a Phonics Classroom to meet the needs of advanced and struggling learners

Session 8
   TPhYL Exam Strategies
  • Understand effective strategies to prepare for TPhYL Exam

  • Practise taking TPhYL online

TPhYL Exam

Academic Team

Big Wave
  • Course Developer and Trainer, Phonics Teacher Training Course, PolyU SPEED Hong Kong

  • Course Developer and Trainer, Phonics Teacher Training Course, Centre for Continuing Education, University of Macau

  • Tutor, Trinity Dip. TESOL

  • Core Skill Creative Educator, Phonics Trainer and Teacher, British Council  

  • Phonics Trainer, Early Childhood Course, Institute of Advanced Learning

  • CELTA, DELTA, M.Ed., Teacher Training (IH), Jolly Phonics Authorised Trainer 

  • Programme Provider and Instructor, Phonics Teaching Series for Primary School Teachers, Professional Development Programmes, Education Bureau, Hong Kong 

Entry Requirements

Prospective Candidates should –


  • have good spoken and written English skills.

  • be goal-oriented and focussed.

  • preferably have early childhood education background, or are in-service teachers of early years.

  • be motivated and devoted - ready to self-study, and complete all pre-tasks and course assignments in 6 weeks.

Medium of Instruction


Course Attendance and Certificates


All candidates achieving attendance of 80% or above will be awarded a “Certificate of Attendance” issued by PEA.

TPhYL - Internationally Recognised Qualification

On completing the course, candidates will be ready to take the TPhYL Exam, and gain their internationally recognised TQUK certificate. The TPhYL Exam fee is already included in the Course Fee.

Click here for more information on the TPhYL qualification.

Course Fee

  • HK$9,800 (including all teaching materials, TPhYL Exam fee, the PEA and TPhYL certificates)

  • Handouts and certificates will be delivered to the candidates by express mail. The delivery time will depend on the region, country and mailing services. Additional charges may apply.

Course Timetable

  • 16 hours (8 Live Online Sessions) in 6 weeks (Tue & Thu, 7:30 – 9:30pm HKT)

  • Online Sessions : 13/8 - 17/9. (Download timetable here) 

  • TPhYL Exam : Sunday, 29/9, 9am-6pm HKT

Winnie Pang 

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Apply for the Course

STEP 1: Complete and submit the form below. We will acknowledge your application within one working day by Email or WhatsApp.

STEP 2: Settle the course fee by bank transfer or credit card below.

STEP 3: We will acknowledge your payment and notify you all teaching and learning arrangements within one working day by Email.


Please contact us today if you have any questions.


WhatsApp: +852 62168 880

Thank You!

Enquiry /Application Form:


Bank transfer 



HSBC (HK)      :023-752-546-001 

Bank of China (HK) : 012-6922-0051773

FPS 轉數快 : 101121432 

(*Your payment is non-refundable and guarantees your place on the course)
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